La Salle's Landing
La Salle's Landing

Kenner's Rivertown

Located along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River, Kenner's Rivertown is a sixteen-block historic district offering a host of cultural and family attractions. Treat the kids to the Planetarium & MegaDome Cinema. Let them be lead astronaut on a NASA prototype at Kenner's Space Station. The full-size NASA International Space Station prototype allows visitors get a first-hand look at daily living and working in space. Dedicated to space travel and technology, the Space Station is one of only two in existence today. Visitors can explore spin-off technology with a Space Robot, touch the 4-billion year old Gibeon Meteorite, and take a walk through the history timeline of the 20th century.

BicyclesKenner was designated in 2014 by state officials as the 36th Main Street Community, known as a USA Main Street! The city of Kenner is said to be the first land of the metropolitan area that Europeans set foot. The first Europeans to land in Kenner were Sieur de La Salle and Rene-Robert Cavelier. At the end of Williams Boulevard where it meets the river, you will find La Salle's Landing, a monument to the enduring history of Kenner. Here, you will see a number of flags under which Kenner existed since La Salle first landed. La Salle's Landing served as a port of trade throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century. The city of Kenner was founded in 1855 by Minor Kenner. The land was quickly developed with the Kenner family owning three plantations. The close proximity to the Mississippi River made Kenner an ideal location for trade. 

On La Salle's Landing, you will also see a pair of boxers immortalized in statues. These are "Gypsy" Jem Mace and Tom Allen. They fought here in 1870. It was also the first-ever World Heavyweight Championship prizefight in the history of the sport!

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