JCVB public art


Artscapes is a public art program created to bring art in the form of sculptures to the masses of Jefferson Parish. With sculptures located on major thoroughfares, public parks and other public spaces, this program provides individuals with an opportunity to view and appreciate art in an informal setting. 

Sculptures have been donated by local and regional philanthropists, or are on loan through museums and private collections.  

“Wind in my Sails” Artist: Aaron P. Hussey Location: Veterans at Independence.

Baton Rouge artist, Hussey, was born in New Orleans’ Ninth Ward and says his angular design is based on his childhood memory of Lake Pontchartrain.

Wind in My Sails sculpture

"Blue Dog” Artist: George Rodrigue Location: Veterans at Severn Ave

Rodrigue brilliantly preserves the 2-D punch of his Blue Dog icon while creating a compelling 3-D shape.

Dog sculpture

”Rise” Artist: Elijah T. Sproles Location: Veterans at Club Drive

This vertical abstract sculpture not only implies climbing, but its wavy edges, bubbly central cylinders and glinting blue also exemplifies the waters of South Louisiana.

Rise sculpture

“Guitar with Jazz Aura” Artist: Abby Cantrell Location: Veterans at Clearview Parkway

Abby Cantrell was inspired by an acoustic guitar belonging to a friend. She chose the color red to represent the aura of jazz music which was influential to her growing up in New Orleans. The balancing shapes and interconnected strings show how music is intertwined into one’s life.

Guitar with jazz aura sculpture

“We, the People” Artist: Jordan Ivanov & Laxman Kewalramani Location: Manhatten Blvd Near 9th
Ivanov and Kewelramani said the 10-foot tall 2,750 pound steel construction required 850 feet of welding. It is coated with an abstract pattern of colors that include hints of beads, masks and human figures.

We the People sculpture

“Monumental Holistic” Artist: Betty Gold Location: Veterans at Bonnabel Blvd.

Betty Gold’s undecorated abstraction is pure and simple like black coffee.

Monumental Holistic sculpture

“Eagle” Artist: Frank Ledbetter: Terry Parkway b/t Harvard Ave. & Guardian Ave.



Artist: Carl Joe Williams Location: Veterans at Houma Boulevard

Williams, a teacher at L.E Rabouin Career Magnet High School in New Orleans, designed moving aluminum fronds to be placed above trunks made from recycled light posts.

Carl Williams art work

“Trace” Artist: Carl Joe Williams Artist: Alexander Liberman Location: Veterans at Club Drive

The New York artist, who died in 1999, created this three-dimensional haiku sculpture in 1967.

Trace sculpture by Carl Williams

“Comedy and Tragedy” Artist: Steve Martin Location: Terry Parkway at Friedrichs

This pair of 2-ton, 9-foot steel sculptures by local New Orleans artist, Steve Martin, bring Comedy and Tragedy to the Westbank.

Comedy and Tragedy sculpture

“Dream Walk” Artist: Michael Cain Location: Power Boulevard

Dream Walk is a sculpture meant to symbolize a dream in which vague ideas can be recalled but the details seem to slip away.

Dream Walk sculpture

“Odyssey Boat” Artis: Raine Bedsole Location: Lafreniere Park

This sculpture is meant to symbolize the struggle the New Orleans area faced before, during and after Hurricane Katrina.

Odyssey Boat sculpture

“Waduwach” No Image Artist: David Borgerding Location: Westbank Regional Library

Resembling an archway, “Waduwach” is meant to symbolize a relationship between two brothers, both figures standing stoic yet proud.

Waduwach sculpture

“Taking Flight” Artist: Nathan T. Logsdon Location: Veterans at Brockenbraugh Court

Logsdon, who lives in Baton Rouge, intends for the steel wing, which will remain in a natural rusted state, to communicate “pride, ascension, taking that big leap, putting yourself out there.”

Taking Flight sculpture

“Jammin’ Jazz” Artist: Madeleine Faust Location: Veterans at Sena Drive

Faust, who lives in New Orleans, says she created this musical, geometric abstraction in 1997-98 while “trying to teach myself to play the piano, ragtime.” The meaning of the piece took on an unintentional hurricane recovery theme when it was damaged by a falling tree and soaked in floodwater in 2005.

Jammin' Jazz sculpture

“Mother Cluster” Artist: James Michalopoulas Location: Veterans at Severn

This is a celebration of color and form that has become an inspiring focal point along Veterans Blvd. Towering and dancing towards the sky, this group of five spirited sculptures evoke a sense of wonder and playfulness.

Mother Cluster sculpture

“Toucans” Artist: Hunt Slonem Location: Veterans at Clearview Parkway

Slonam is known for his charming paintings of historical figures, landscapes and birds.


“Family” Artist: John Zeringue Location: Gretna Blvd.

“Family” is a contemporary abstract in marine grade aluminum. The sculpture represents family members leaning and bonding toward a common point of strength.

"Family" sculpture

“Proverb Cord” Artist: Deedee Morrison : West Esplanade



“Pipe Dreams” Artist: Frank Ledbetter : Loyola/Oakland


Pipe Dreams

“Dying and Dreaming” Artist: Frank Ledbetter


Dying and Dreaming

“Swallowtail” Artist: Hunt Slonem : Power/Vintage



“First Spelling Lesson” Artist: Henry Shane :


First Spelling Lesson

“Hop” Artist: Hunt Slonem



“Devine Assembly” Artist: Hunt Slonem


Divine assembly

“Hi” Artist: Darrin Butler



“Apple Pi” Artist: Paul Leaman


Apple Pi

“Inner Urge” Artist: James Davis


Inner Urge

“Duck Crossing” Artist: Frank Ledbetter


Duck Crossing

“The Genesis of All Things” Artist: James Gorman


Genesis of all Things

“Kenner Farmer” Artist: H. Grace Boyle


Kenner Farmer

“Category 5 Tree” Artist: Luis Colmenares


Category 5 Tree

“High Seas” Artist: Ed Wilson


High Seas

“Quantum Leap” Artist: Hunt Slonem


Quantum Leap

“Profile Canto” Artist: Ernest Trova



“Freedom Forever” Artist: Frank Ledbetter


Freedom Forever

“Froebel's Gifts Energized Cube” Artist: Vivien Abrams Collens



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