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Jefferson Parish restaurants are among Louisiana’s best! We offer the freshest ingredients, unique specialty dishes, and boast the friendliest staff. Louisiana is known as a culinary epicenter offering a variety of cuisine derived from our diverse culture and heritage. Coastal to northern Louisiana Cajun, Creole, African, Caribbean, Native American, Italian, Spanish and French influences can be found in our cuisine. Such influences have produced the flavors in dishes like jambalaya, étouffée, boudin, and gumbo. Something's always cookin' in Jefferson Parish!

From fresh Gulf seafood to New Orleans-style po-boys, Italian, Mexican, Creole & Cajun, Jefferson’s restaurants are serving up a party for your taste buds!

Feed Your Soul

The Jefferson Parish Louisiana Oyster Trail is a delight for your senses as you experience the culinary art our local chefs bring to the Louisiana oyster while taking in the visual art of the hand-painted 3’ tall oyster sculpture at participating restaurants.

Jefferson Parish is both a coastal and metropolitan region and as such we value the importance of our seafood industry which attributes to the culinary greatness of our region. The Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau proudly partners with the Louisiana Seafood Promotion Board in educating and advocating for the finest and freshest seafood. The Louisiana Seafood Promotion Board provides consumers with information on why, where and how Louisiana has the best seafood. Offering information and statistics on where seafood is harvested, how much is caught annually, and even breaks it down by types of seafood harvested.

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