Hurricane Update

Hurricane Update

Dear Valued Partners, Residents, and Visitors:

The Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes that you and your families are safe following Hurricane Ida.

While our team members – like so many in our parish – have suffered from damage to homes, as well as loss of power and water, we are grateful that all are safe and remain committed to supporting you as we restore our region together.

As we work diligently to bring our communications back online, please be patient and rest assured that our commitment to our parish and to you is unwavering.


David Crockett Firehouse, Gretna
David Crockett Firehouse, Gretna

Historic Districts

Intrigued by the past? Step back in time by visiting Jefferson's quaint historic districts. Delight in beautifully restored buildings with period pieces. Follow the building of communities into a melting pot of cultures from countries including Germany, Italy, Spain and France.

Gretna blacksmith shop

Go beyond the history of the city of New Orleans and take a more in depth look at the history of the Mississippi River region. Jefferson hugs both the east and west banks of the Mississippi and played a major role in shaping the New Orleans metropolitan area from the 1700's to World War II to the present day.

Lean more about our historic districts below.

- Old Gretna

- Westwego's Sala Avenue

- Kenner's Rivertown

As one of Louisiana's largest national historic register districts, Gretna... See More
Located along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River, Kenner's Rivertown... See More
Gretna blacksmith shop
Stroll through one of Louisiana's largest national historic register...
Located along the shores of the mighty Mississippi River, Kenner's Rivertown...
Historic marketplace
Westwego’s historic district offers a captivating look into the area...
JCVB public art
Let us entertain you!  Jefferson Parish diverse in its people and culture...