Hurricane Update

Hurricane Update

Dear Valued Partners, Residents, and Visitors:

The Jefferson Convention and Visitors Bureau hopes that you and your families are safe following Hurricane Ida.

While our team members – like so many in our parish – have suffered from damage to homes, as well as loss of power and water, we are grateful that all are safe and remain committed to supporting you as we restore our region together.

As we work diligently to bring our communications back online, please be patient and rest assured that our commitment to our parish and to you is unwavering.


Just Imagine


Originally called the "poor boy," this sandwich has distinct Southern working class roots. There are many stories regarding its origins, but the most famous in these parts is that it was created in 1929 by the Martin brothers. They created the sandwich after the railway workers in the area went on strike. They gave away the simple but delicious sandwiches to the strikers and would holler, "Here comes another poor boy!"

Po-boys are still a local favorite in Louisiana and a must-try for all visitors. From fried shrimp or crawfish to roast beef, you can't go wrong!

Find restaurants that serve po-boys as well as other Louisiana cuisine below.

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