Rivertown Theaters - Kenner, LA

A hilarious musical drag pageant, played out in real time with judges selected from the audience and a different winner each night.

August 9 - 18, 2024

Directed by Gary Rucker

Lagniappe, Run time: ~1.5 hrs, Rated: PG-13

The show takes its shots not by mocking the proceedings from the outside, but by being an authentic pageant itself. The six female contestants compete for the title of Miss Glamouresse (named for a fictional cosmetics company). Miss Deep South, Miss West Coast, Miss Great Plains, Miss Bible Belt, Miss Industrial Northeast and Miss Texas compete in evening gown, talent, swimwear and spokesmodeling events, and the finalists answer actual calls from the Glamouresse Beauty Crisis Hotline. Did we mention the contestants are played by men? A campy and uproarious take on a uniquely American concept, Pageant is 90 minutes of non-stop fun.