Welcome to the ultimate guide to dining at the top restaurants in Metairie, Louisiana, where the flavors of the city mix with the charm of New Orleans to create a culinary paradise. Whether you’re a local looking for new spots to try or a visitor eager to dive into the rich food culture, we’ve got you covered. Metairie offers diverse dining experiences, from classic seafood joints to cozy neighborhood bars that will leave you craving more. So, grab a seat at the table and explore some of the best restaurants this area offers!

Recently, Visit Jefferson Parish received a culinary spotlight with the arrival of a guest blogger, Veronica Bareman, or, as she is better known, Hip Grandma Life. She crafted an exceptional guide on the top restaurants in the Metairie area, revealing a tapestry of flavors and experiences that tantalize the taste buds.

Drawing from local insights and her own gastronomic adventures, her guide, featured on HipGrandmaLife.com, is a testament to the vibrant culinary scene of Jefferson Parish. From cozy neighborhood restaurants to upscale dining establishments, her recommendations showcase the diverse array of culinary delights waiting to be savored in Metairie.

With her guidance, locals and visitors alike can embark on a flavorful journey through the heart of Louisiana's culinary landscape.

A small snippet of her blog is below, but click THIS LINK to read her full guide on her website, complete with an array of mouthwatering photos!

Jefferson Parish Oyster Trail

The Jefferson Parish Louisiana Oyster Trail is tailor-made for you if you appreciate a good oyster or love exploring new flavors. Picture this: each restaurant along the trail boasts a unique, life-size oyster sculpture hand-painted by a local artist, hinting at the delicious oyster creations awaiting you inside!

This delightful trail winds through the parish, offering a feast of oyster dishes prepared in every imaginable way. Because I’m from way up North in Michigan, I know one thing about oysters, and I’ll bet if you use your imagination, you’ll know exactly what that is! So, it’s safe to say I was unfamiliar with the many ways in which oysters could be prepared. I’m not sure I had ever had one before I visited Jefferson Parish. Imagine how fun it was to explore the many kinds of oysters available on the Oyster Trail!

From classic Oysters Bienville to comforting Oyster Dressing, Oyster Bisque, Oyster Queso, crispy Fried Oysters, savory Charbroiled Oysters, and the simple pleasure of slurping fresh oysters from Louisiana waters, there’s something for every oyster lover. And like any great food trail, the Oyster Trail grows and changes with new restaurants and fresh dishes added regularly.

Although I didn’t have time to visit every restaurant on the trail, here are some standouts I made a point to try!

Don's Seafood

Don’s Seafood doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for authentic Cajun cuisine. They are on the trail, and one of my favorite parts of this superb restaurant is the history! This family-owned restaurant has been in business for four generations, and the great service shows how much they value their customers!

They specialize in fresh, local seafood and have a full bar with an excellent assortment of cocktails while remaining family-friendly. I tried my first charbroiled oysters, broiled on the half-shell and served piping hot in a pool of garlic butter, Parmesan, and Romano cheeses. Oh my! One taste of these oysters assures me that this was not my last time indulging in this spectacular starter! My favorite part was watching the flames shoot high from the grill in the nearby kitchen. So much fun!

The sign for Don’s Seafood with a large Palm Tree next to it.
You can’t miss the Don’s Seafood Sign
An Oyster painted by artist Karen Reynolds at Don’s Seafood, one of the restaurants on the Jefferson Parish Louisiana Oyster Trail
This was one of the first painted oysters I saw on the Jefferson Parish Oyster Trail
The placard showing that the painted oyster’s artist is Karen Reynolds and Don’s Seafood is on the Louisiana Jefferson Parish Oyster Trail
A plaque on each painted oyster along the trail names the artist
A plate with piles of toasted and buttered garlic bread with the Don’s Seafood Restaurant logo in the background
Don’s serves a plate of garlic bread before the main dishes come out. Perfect for sopping up the garlic butter and other sauces from your main dish
The Hip Grandma takes a bite of a piece of garlic bread
A juicy pile of Charbroiled Oysters with garlic butter sauce and a lemon wedge
Charbroiled oysters. Sooo good!
A selection of dishes available at Don’s Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar
That was my Shrimp & Grits on the bottom left

A historical print in black and white showing Don’s Restaurant in its early years