If you're looking for a good ghost story, Jefferson Parish has a few! One of the most well-known in our area is the haunting of the Huey P. Long Bridge. Many people have claimed to see ghostly apparitions walking along the bridge or climbing along side of it. I love ghost stories and wanted to know more about this one, so I did some digging!

huey p
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

The Huey P. Long Bridge was built after the Great Depression and designed by engineer Ralph Modieski. Modieski designed or consulted on many well-known American bridges, but one of his most famous is the Huey P. Long. Modieski died in 1940 and legend says that he travels the country inspecting the bridges he designed. Many say they have seen him walking and inspecting the entire span of the Huey P. Long Bridge!

And that's not the only ghost story surrounding the Huey P. As with any great feat of engineering, it came at a cost. Many lives were lost in the building of the bridge. It is said that several workers were entombed alive in the enormous cement pilings holding the bridge in place. Trestle workers fell to their death in the Mississippi River below. Once the bridge opened in 1935, many hobos crossed the bridge on foot, but couldn't make it over in time and were killed by cars, trucks or trains. Commuters crossing the bridge say they have had near misses with ghostly apparitions in overalls walking along the bridge or appearing from out of nowhere.

Could these ethereal beings be the ghostly remnants of Ralph Modieski or workers killed in the building of the bridge? Many seem to think so. I may not be able to confirm the strange accounts of ghosts on the bridge, but I can definitely confirm spooky accounts of ghosts under the bridge. New Orleans Nightmare Haunted House sets up there each year during the fall. Coincidence? We don't think so. You might just see more than fake ghosts at this haunted house!

Have you ever seen anything spooky on the Huey P. Long bridge? Tell us in the comments!