JEFFERSON PARISH -- Today, British Airways announced it will begin year-round service to London from New Orleans. This is the sixth international destination at Louis Armstrong International Airport and flights will start on March 27, 2017. Simon Brooks, Senior Vice President of British Airways announced flights will depart four times per week from New Orleans to London, and connecting flights will go to destinations all over the world. 

Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni said, “British Airways is no doubt one of the most exciting additions to Armstrong International. This continued partnership between Jefferson Parish and the City of New Orleans continues to grow and flourish and the addition of this new airline truly emphasizes how strong economic development ties from both parties can bring new and exciting companies to the airport. I look forward to seeing the growth of Armstrong International and with the new terminal under construction, this will only mean more growth and a level of service you can’t get anywhere else.”

District 4 Councilman Ben Zahn said, “As an international region, British Airways will make a wonderful addition to Armstrong International Airport. The partnership between New Orleans and Jefferson Parish continues to strengthen and this is an example of the type of business partners we can bring to the area. British Airways will be an excellent opportunity to connect our cultures and business communities. I personally would like to thank the collective efforts of everyone involved and let us continue on the road for growth and opportunity.”

Acting Mayor of the City of Kenner, Michael Sigur, said, “We are very happy to have British Airways at Armstrong International Airport. The city of Kenner is looking forward to hosting such an esteemed airline and we look forward to the many visitors that will come here. Economically, the airport continues to grow and therefore Kenner is a direct benefactor of that growth. Our doors will always be open to British Airways and we look forward to this partnership going forward.”