Louisiana Hospitality Foundation


The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation operates a Hospitality Worker Crisis Grant Program that provides emergency financial assistance to individuals working in Louisiana’s hospitality industry – one of the state’s largest employment sectors.

The Foundation raises funds through donations, as well as our signature fundraising events, manages the application process for crisis assistance, and provides the administrative and financial services necessary to support the accounting and tracking of funds distributed.

Applicants must be dealing with a non-COVID related emergency outside of their control. Examples of emergencies include but are not limited to an auto accident, medical emergency, house fire, disaster (hurricane, flood, tornado), or death.

Crisis grant funding may include:

  • Temporary mortgage or rent assistance
  • Payment of medical-related bills
  • Payment of basic utility bills
  • Funeral service assistance

Program Eligibility

Applicant must:

  • Reside in Louisiana
  • Work in a Louisiana hospitality position; be currently employed or employed before COVID19 (March 16, 2020) with their current employer for at least 180 days with same company prior to applying for a crisis grant, as well as have worked in the hospitality industry for a minimum of one year in the last 18 months
  • Have incurred a non-COVID related emergency outside of your control that caused a financial crisis
  • Be able to provide backup documentation to prove the emergency
  • Be able to demonstrate that applicant lacks other resources and options

Applications are reviewed within ten business days of submission. Please note that funds are limited, therefore it is not guaranteed that each qualified request for funding will be approved.

Apply Online: https://www.louisianahospitalityfoundation.org/crisis-grants/