Louisiana Hospitality Foundation


The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation has been inundated with questions and requests for assistance in association with business closures and other impacts of the government’s response to COVID-19 impacting the hospitality industry. At this time,  
they cannot support COVID-19 related applications. BUT they are working to locate finding to expand work to help those impacted.

We are still reviewing and awarding applications while examining our reserves, and researching other financial assistance from prospective partners. We do not want to give anyone the false hope of support from our hospitality worker crisis grant program. We will continue to accept applications based on our existing program criteria to potentially support an industry worker who was impacted by an emergency such as a house fire, car accident, etc that is unrelated to COVID-19 as we continue to identify possible resources to expand our work in the community.
The Louisiana Hospitality Foundations' mission is to strengthen Louisiana's hospitality industry through support of individuals within the community.  We do this by supporting workforce development programs directly related to our industry; providing access to culinary & hospitality education; working to ensure a positive perception of Louisiana's hospitality industry; and providing financial assistance and/or guidance to people in the hospitality industry during timed of crisis. 
The Louisiana Hospitality Foundation are the producers of the Louisiana Seafood Festival, Champions Club at Zurich Classic and more!