MSY to use Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™) to help grow
international flights
Once EASE™ is implemented, airlines at MSY will be able to move between any
gates or check-in counters across the airport seamlessly

For many airports, upgrading or changing technology can be a
long process that can all too often involve disruption to operations – especially where
renovations are needed. The disruption can also limit access to gates or check-in desks,
which impacts both airlines and travellers.

Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) is preventing this disruption by
adopting Extended Airline System Environment (EASE™), a hybrid common-use infrastructure
platform developed by Air-Transport IT Services (AirIT), an Amadeus company. The solution
will help MSY meet its airline growth and optimize its new North Terminal, due to open in
February 2019.

Once EASE™ is implemented, airlines at MSY will be able to move between gates or check-in
counters seamlessly. The system uses application virtualisation so airline staff can access the
full functionality of their passenger processing systems from any desktop.
Airline staff will have direct access to back-office functionalities and use their own native
software, saving on training costs and time. In addition, EASE™ will help support MSY’s plans
to grow services by making it easier for new airlines to establish a route through New

Mark Reis, Interim Director of Aviation for Louis Armstrong International Airport, says: “Over
the last several years, we have seen the number of airlines at MSY increase rapidly, and we
were running out of room for them in the terminal. Choosing to implement AirIT’s EASE™ was
an easy decision because it gives our airline partners flexibility in their operations and gives
us the opportunity to continue expanding service even in our current facility.”

Betros Wakim, AirIT CEO, adds: “We are very excited to add MSY to our growing list of
airports using EASE™. MSY has great plans to grow its international presence, and we look
forward to helping the airport expand operations with little risk. This is a great opportunity
for us to show how EASE™ can help airports provide a better experience for travellers.”
EASE™ has been implemented at nearly 50 North American airports including LAX, JFK, CLT,
FLL and TPA.