New Orleans – The New Orleans Federal Executive Board (FEB) is again sponsoring this year’s Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) for the Greater New Orleans area, May 7-13, 2017. Celebrated since 1985, PSRW is a nationwide public education campaign honoring the men and women who serve our nation as federal, state, and local government employees, ensuring that our government is the best in the world.
The annual interagency Lakeside Mall exhibition will be held on Thursday, May 11 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in Metairie, Louisiana, and is open to the public.  At this event, various federal agencies will be on display and will feature exhibits that focus on services they provide to the public. Agency representatives will discuss career opportunities with their agency that are rich in challenges and enhance the quality of life for all Americans.  
This year’s event will also include a display of emergency vehicles at the Jefferson Parish War Memorial, at Veterans Boulevard, directly in front of Lake Side Mall.
The PSRW outreach committee members encourage employees and patrons to give donations to help care for the soul of our community. This year’s outreach activity is to gather essential hygiene items to fill blessing bags for homeless shelters, which will be collected during the Lakeside Mall exhibition.

“As federal employees we are a reflection of our society. While sharing the same goals and ideals as our constituents, we provide the catalyst that enables a government of the people.” says William LaGrone, CBP employee and PSRW chairperson. “Public Service Recognition Week provides an opportunity for the federal workforce to educate our constituents, acknowledge selfless service, and outstanding efforts within the workforce while simultaneously demonstrating the criticality of our collective contributions to an effective government.”
Each year, thousands of civil service, military and civilian visitors attend such public exhibits across the nation to learn first-hand how public service touches the lives of citizens on a daily basis, and the many ways to make a difference by choosing careers in the government realm.