JEFFERSON, LA – The Jefferson Parish East Bank Consolidated Fire Department (EBCFD) has maintained a Class 1 rating over the last two decades and was notified by the Property Insurance Association of Louisiana (PIAL) it has received at 94.06% on the latest grading scale, the highest it has ever scored and currently the highest score in the State of Louisiana among fire departments. This score was in addition of the reconstruction of Fire Station #17. This makes the EBCFD one of approximately five fire departments in the state and one of fifty in the country to attain a Class 1 rating. This also means properties located within the boundaries of the EBCFD will continue to receive Class 1 fire insurance rates.

“I want to thank all the men and women of our fire department who made this happen,” said President Michael S Yenni. “This is a true testament of the hard work they have all put forth over the last two decades and we should all be proud of this accomplishment. I want to thank the PIAL for grading the EBCFD with the highest score of any fire department in the state. This shows the department is dedicated to public safety and goes over every detail with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the public gets the very best. It’s a very rigorous set of tests and this is no easy task. We also have to thank the guidance of the Jefferson Parish Council who play an important role in making sure ordinances protect and grow the department. Lastly, we have to thank the people of Jefferson Parish who voted for the fire millage in 2012. This funding has allowed the department to equip its staff with the very best. The support of the public has been monumental in the EBCFD’s success.”  

Director of Fire Services Joseph Greco said, “This was a tremendous effort by the entire fire department. This means we will be able to continue to serve the community with the highest standards and best trained staff. The reconstruction of Fire Station 17 will help us service that area more efficiently and we will continue to work at upgrading buildings and equipment as the year continues.”

The grading is based on surveys of ten separate stations and various training and communications modules. In 2016, the EBCFD received a score of 93.74%.