Back by popular demand each year, Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts will bring back locally written And The Ball and All for one weekend February 8 – 10 for the first time on the Main Stage.

The Ball debuted in 1995 (the year in which it's set) and had a long initial run. The outrageous, affectionate chronicle of y'at social custom must be imbued with immortal energies, because it keeps coming back and audiences still love it.

Among the rites of Carnival is the annual run of … and The Ball and All, the Ricky Graham-penned comedy about the Mystic Krewe of Terpsichore. Becky Allen and Amanda Hebert star as yatty krewe organizers planning their truck float and getting ready for the ball.

 "Girl, you got to get out of this neighborhood," Frances exclaims when she learns someone has broken a window at her friend Aggie's Mid-City lounge. Crime and other obstacles to peaceful existence in the Big Easy get the audience rolling with laughter through much of this Ricky Graham perennial favorite. 

 Much of the humor grows out of local references. The krewe members gossip, especially when one of them leaves the room, and they don't merely say the absent friend has gained weight, but "She's got more rolls than McKenzie's."  But even if humor drives the play more than plot, at its core, The Ball is a Y'at comedy of manners -- or ill-manners!  It's a remarkable and enduring achievement for writer/director Ricky Graham and the krewe.


Becky Allen, Amanda Hebert, Yvette Hargis, Rebecca Taliancich, Mandy Zirchenbach, Gogo Borgerding, and Patrick Mendelson.

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Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts is located at 325 Minor St. in the heart of Rivertown, Kenner LA. Plenty of free parking is available on the streets around the theater.