Hotel Lobby


The JCVB is excited to partner with our member hotels to help fund the vital promotion of our destination. Jefferson Parish is the second highest tourism revenue generating parish in the state of Louisiana!  The JCVB will use the funding from the Tourism Assessment to grow its group and meeting sales efforts, launch a national and international leisure marketing and sales effort, and build national as well as international public relations efforts to grow hotel occupancy and visitor spending for 2017 and beyond.

The Tourism Assessment is an assessment by the JCVB on its member hotels within Jefferson Parish. The assessment is 1.00% of daily room charges for occupancy and applies only to those room charges that are subject to the state authorized hotel and motel taxes. The assessment does not apply to room charges that are exempt from state hotel and motel taxes, such as certain governmental charges. The assessment effective date was September 1, 2016  with the first payment by the hotels due on October 20, 2016.

The assessment applies to all charges for room stays occurring on or after the effective date, but excludes group reservations of ten or more rooms reserved prior to the effective date if the member hotel provides the evidence of such reservation to the program auditor with its monthly remittance.

Click here for a link to the Tourism Assessment Reporting Forms. If you have questions and require additional information on the Tourism Assessment, please contact the JCVB director of finance, Rebecca Buras at 504-731-7083, ext. 209 or send an email to