Marine Supplies

Get all your fishing gear, tackle and bait along with food, ice, beverages and fuel to enjoy your day out on the water at a number of marinas and bait shops throughout the Town of Jean Lafitte and Grand Isle.

Types of Tackle "Bait" used to catch fish in Jefferson Parish:

  • Angle- to fish with rod, fishing pole or hook & line, with or without a reel
  • Cast net - a light circular net of vegetable or synthetic materials, weighted, that is thrown by hand over water
  • Hook - any curved or bent device attached to a line for the purpose of taking fish, consisting of not more than one eye and one shank with no more than three barbs.
  • Live Bait- shrimp, squid or minnows
  • Monofilament - a single untwisted synthetic filament.
  • Trigger - any tension-loader rubber band or spring device that contains several feet of line and a hook, which is baited and set, which automatically hooks and plays a fish. 


Jefferson, much like most of Louisiana, knows how to fish. Whether you plan to cast from a pier in a quiet country setting or share the day with fellow fishermen, you can experience some of the best fishing in Louisiana.

Recreational fishing licenses may be purchased online by visiting or by telephone using Visa or MasterCard. Call toll free 1-888-765-2602. An authorization number for immediate use will be provided and licenses will be mailed to the licensee. A service fee is charged.

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Chartered fishing trip
Fishing is a 365-day adventure in Jefferson Parish and with our liberal limits,...
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Chartered fishing trip
Fishing, just like in many Louisiana coastal communities, is a 365 day adventure...
Jefferson is a sportsman's paradise. Whether it's a quiet get away...