Rivertown Main Street

Rivertown Main Street, Kenner, Louisiana

The city of Kenner is said to be the first land of the metropolitan area that Europeans set foot. The first Europeans to land in Kenner were Sieur de La Salle and Rene-Robert Cavelier. At the end of Williams Boulevard where it meets the river, you will find La Salle's Landing, a monument to the enduring history of Kenner. Here, a number of flags under which Kenner existed since La Salle first landed. Among them are the Union Jack, the flag of Spain, and the flag of the Confederate States of America.

La Salle's Landing served as a port of trade throughout the 19th century and into the 20th century. The city of Kenner was founded in 1855 by Minor Kenner. The land was quickly developed with the Kenner family owning three plantations. The close proximity to the Mississippi River made Kenner an ideal location for trade. The town bustled with the activity along its main street. This 16-block historic district is a piece of American history and Louisiana culture.

La Salle's Landing was also the sight of the first heavyweight boxing championship. On May 10, 1870, several thousand men gathered around a make-shift ring along the banks of the Mississippi River at La Salle's Landing. They gathered to watch "the fight of the century"... "Gypsy" Jem Mace, Heavyweight Boxing Champion of England take on fellow Brit, Tom Allen who held the title of American Heavyweight Champion. The winner would be crowned the first Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World and awarded a purse of $2,500.00. "Gypsy" Jem Mace walked away victorious that day. Today you will find a life-size bronze statue with boxers in a fighting stance commemorating that day in history when Kenner was the site where the first World Heavyweight Champion was crowned.

In July 1984 the National Register of Historic Places in Louisiana listed the Felix-Block House, known today as Heritage Hall. The building operated for a number of years as the Wildlife & Fisheries Museum until Hurricane Katrina caused damage to the ceilings and content of the building.

Kenner Planetarium Shows

Rivertown is filled with exciting places to "experience". The Planetarium and Mega-Dome are "out of this world!" The Kenner Planetarium and Mega-Dome Cinema houses a 50-foot domed screen on which can be displayed a traditional sky show, large format film, or laser light show presentation!

Showtimes hourly from 11am-3pm on Saturdays

Adults-$6.00 per show
Children/Seniors-$5.00 per show

Multi-show packages available for children ages 2-12 years and seniors ages 60 and over.

Please be advised that show schedules are subject to change.


Kenner Heritage Park, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

Kenner's Heritage Park, stroll down beautifully landscaped walkways past replicas of buildings such as a turn-of-the-century packing shed, ice house, traditional blacksmith shop, and a 1930's era gas station.

The beautiful pond and covered bridge adjacent to the replica of St. Mary's Church, the first Catholic church in Kenner, (pictured above) are a lovely addition to this park's historic display.

Heritage Park is open to the general public on Saturdays from 11am-3pm during the Rivertown Museums regular hours of operation unless otherwise reserved for a private function.

St. Mary's Church is the first catholic church in Kenner and Jefferson Parish with its history dating back to at least 1868.The church was the center of all missionary activity in what was then known as the Florida Parishes and all areas upriver as far as 17 miles. The Religious Sisters of Mercy began staffing a school in 1928 with enrollment peaking in the mid-1950's (Presently Our Lady of Perpetual Help School and Parish).

Many of Kenner's older generation are of Italian descent. The feast of St. Rosalia is a traditional event celebrated the first Sunday in September. St. Rosalia is the patroness saint of Palermo, Italy; revered by Sicilians for having stopped the pestilence that visited the island in the 1600's. In 1899 an anthrax plague, locally known as charbon, threatened to wipe-out Kenner livestock. The residents of Kenner made a pledge to St. Rosalia to stop the plague. Since then, each September hundreds of the St. Rosalia Society march through Kenner's Rivertown carrying banners and statues of St. Rosalia. The feeling is best expressed in the tribute to St. Rosalia: "We hold her in the chapel of our hearts".

Kenner Farmers Market

Farmers Market
Fresh local produce & goods for sale!
Tips & Demos on gardening & cooking
400 block of Williams Boulevard across from Rivertown Exhibition Hall
FREE Admission
Saturdays 8am-1pm