Filmed in Jefferson

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Series Television & TV Movies
Imagination Movers, Stuck in the Suburb, Now you See It, Pizza Wars, In Search of David's Heart, Pop Rocks, The Riches Pilot, Life is Not a Fairytale, Liz Phair Video, Steven Seagal Lawman, Memphis Beat, Justice for Natalee.

Filmed in JeffersonMovies
Cirque du Freak, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons, Ray, Déjà vu, All the King's Men, Raising Helen, Runaway Jury, Glory Road, Failure to Launch, Solstice, Yellow Handkerchief, Welcome to Academia, Labou, Midnight Bayou, Tribute, Black Water Transit, Night of the Demons, Robosapien Rebooted, Father of Invention, Last Holiday, Contraband, 21 Jump Street, Medallion, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and So Undercover.

Commercials & Still Photo Shoots
Scooter Chicken Animation, Oreck, Viking Industries, Payless Shoes, Arena 3D Industrial, Louisiana Lottery, and IBM.