Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts presents: November


Meet the SOB who runs the USA! Written in 2008, originally starring Narhan Lane, November is a “manically” funny political comedy by Pulitzer Prize winning playwright, David Mamet who has created a hilarious look at bad behavior in high places. Whether you lean right or left as a voter, you'll have a great time watching the incumbent desperately try to hang onto his presidential seat, despite being both corrupt and inept. A madcap, joke-filled romp with the kind of politically incorrect laughs that will have people from all parts of the political spectrum howling. You may not leave the theater feeling better about the country, but you’ll definitely leave feeling better!

Rated R for *explicit language. *Due to adult language & mature content, this show will not be included in the 5 show package. It is part of the 6 show package option.