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We invite you to join-in the celebration of the travel industry and the POWER OF TRAVEL! Annually National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) is celebrated in May. 

National Travel and Tourism Week (NTTW) is an annual celebration that underscores travel’s essential role in driving our nation's economy, cultivating vibrant communities and forging connections.

Established in 1983, NTTW has become a cherished tradition, celebrating the U.S. travel community and highlighting how travel stimulates economic growth, creates quality jobs, inspires new businesses and elevates the quality of life for Americans every day.

Throughout NTTW, we shine a spotlight on our social media pages about the contributions of the U.S. travel industry, showcasing how travel drives economic growth, cultivates vibrant communities and enriches the lives of Americans nationwide. CLICK HERE to visit our Visit Jefferson Parish Facebook page to learn more! 

Travel: Powering the Economy. Connecting America

  • National Travel and Tourism Week celebrates the industry’s critical role in powering our nation’s economy, communities and connections. Together, let’s demonstrate our industry’s critical importance—in every corner of our country.
  • Travel is a $2.8 trillion industry that supports nearly 15 million American jobs while fueling other important industries like manufacturing, health care and agriculture—all which depend on travel to generate business, spur innovation and support education.
  • The travel industry is essential to America’s success—it is an economic powerhouse that unites people, benefits society and is paramount to the United States’ global competitiveness.
  • It’s important to continue to grow this vital sector of the U.S. economy. We must elevate the perceived value of the industry among policymakers, opinion leaders and business leaders.


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