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We invite you to join-in the celebration of the travel industry and the POWER OF TRAVEL!  Annually National Travel & Tourism Week (NTTW) is celebrated the first week in May.  This year May 2-8 we collectively celebrate the POWER OF TRAVEL and the industry’s role in bringing back our vibrant communities, restoring the U.S. economy, rebuilding our workforce and reconnecting America. Jefferson Parish takes this opportunity to reflect on the tragedies and triumphs over this past year and the hope on the horizon. The Jefferson Parish hospitality industry is resilient.  Having weathered numerous natural and man-made disasters, a fluctuating economy, more than its share of environmental and industrial challenges it withstood those challenges and emerged stronger. The pandemic brought a unique, unprecedented challenge to our doorstep. It became apparent early on that our industry was in for a tumultuous journey.  The travel industry is the hardest hit industry with a $500 billion loss in travel spending which has cost the U.S. $1.1 trillion in economic output  As the U.S., and the world, begins lifting and/or easing restrictions there is hope for a resurgence.  Travel is not only stimulates local, national and global economies, it stimulates the mind, body and soul!  As President Lyndon B. Johnson once stated, "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to lose" those words resonate today.  We are resolved and relentless in our pursuit of a better tomorrow, a healthier environment, a prosperous economy and the personal well being of all.















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