Jurassic Quest: A Dinosaur Park


Experience the #1 Dinosaur experience in North America!

Their world-famous, life-size dinosaurs are meticulously painted and animated to be realer-than-real. Whether you're 3 or 103, this is a one-of-a-kind experience you'll never forget. 

  • Discover the secrets of underwater sea dwellers like the enormous pre-historic sea turtle, the earliest discovered dolphins and of course, the 50-foot megalodon!  If you think the huge dinos are awesome …just wait. Meet our baby Triceratops, Camarasaurus and more! A fan favourite, these babies are amazingly life-like and yep, cute.
  • Our playful adolescent dinosaurs like to run around and play with the audience!
  • Take photos, touch a tooth or tail, and hang out with our dinos while you’re exploring.
  • Paleontologists of all ages welcome! Uncover ancient secrets like triceratops fossils, T-rex fossils and more at our science tables.
  • Our big, dinosaur-themed bounce houses are full of roars …of laughter. Some are designated specifically for small children. (Note: socks are required and sold at the event.)
  • Jump on a dino’s back and hang on tight! Some of our animatronic dinosaurs are ridable and kids always find their favorite.


Kids & Adults:  $22 each
Seniors: $19 each
Kids w/unlimited rides/activities:  $36 each
Children under 2 years old:  FREE

Tickets may be purchased at www.jurassicquest.com.