Jefferson Performing Arts Center presents: Isle of Dreams


Isle of Dreams will have you on the edge of your seat with the joy and humility that we are all God's children!

Written by Michael J. O'Hara & Robert W. Johnson, Isle of Dreams is a gospel rock opera based on the Book of Revelation and its author, John the Revelator.

John goes into a dream state to relive his life and times with Jesus and all the apostles. Musically driven, the spirits of the apostles revisit him as they tell their stories through Act 1. Halfway through Act 2, his dream ends after reliving the Crucifixion of Jesus. He awakens, finishes writing the last sentences of the Book of Revelation, then dies where he is transported to Heaven. Jesus and the apostles are waiting there to receive him in Glory and to be crowned by God Himself.

Follow John on his journey and ascension into Heaven in this stirring musical drama!

All proceeds benefitting Ochsner Cancer Institute.

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