Gretna BMX Old School BMX Show


In addition to a weekend of racing at Gretna BMX’s Louisiana State Championship Finals, we will host an opportunity for everyone to dust off those RAD rides of yesteryear and show ‘em off! The Old School Show-n-swap will take place on Saturday the 12th. Awards will be given in all classes listed below:

 - 1970’s Race Best Cruiser
 - 1980’s Race Best Mini/Pit
 - 1980’s Freestyle Best of Show
 - 1990’s Race
 - 1990’s Freestyle
 A one lap Old School race will occur before the mains. Protective gear is a must and a waiver will be required if you are not a current member of USA BMX.
As in the past, some of the old school crowd chose to do a fun cruise of the French Quarter on Saturday night after the races. Bring a bike lock in case this happens. Usually involves a fun ride , a few tricks, food and drink.