2017 U.S.Open Netball Championships at Alario Center


The Alario Center is excited to be hosting their first Netball American event and it’s the US OPEN!  International participants include Australia, Bermuda, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Canada and US participants will come from over 20 US States.

Netball America is honored to invite you to participate as a volunteer for the upcoming 2017 CallidusCloud U.S. Open Netball Championship™. They are looking for passionate and dedicated individuals who operate with ethics and integrity. You can contact  them at USOpenNetball@NetballAmerica.com or at (+1) 888-221-3650.


OCTOBER 27 Setup, Event is October 28 and 29th

  •  Netball America Inc. is a registered 501c(3) not-for-profit organization.
  •  Netball America Inc. will sign off on paperwork supporting volunteer/intern hours.

They are flexible in the times below and can work with your availability.

Reimbursements for travel expenses will be made with pre-approval and stipends will be provided.

1.   Media and Marketing Team

a.    Social Media: Responsible for aspects of social media including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and snapchat. Responsible for communication with the VP of Media Relations to create possible global media campaigns. Must be fluent in English, know how to successfully use hashtags. Knowledge of Adobe creative cloud is a plus for one of the positions, as is HTML5. Those with social media experience will be utilized to help build the social media statistics.  On game day will keep scores updated via social media, as well as photos and stories posting to social media.

b.   Video:  These members of the team will be responsible for videotaping and recording packages and parts of packages for the broadcast and social media departments.

d.   Photographer:  These members of the team will be responsible for assisting the professional Olympic photographers in their duties.

2.     Medical Team

a.    First Aid Trainees/EMT/Sports Medicine/Physiotherapy: We are looking for those who are needing to get first aid experience under a physical therapist or registered nurse.

b.    Massage: We are looking for a trained masseuse.

Time commitment:  Both Saturday (9.30am to 5pm)  and Sunday (9.30am to 1pm).  This is a paid position of $20 per hour. 

3.         General Volunteers

a.    Scorers / Timekeepers: We are looking for detail-orientated, reliable individuals to sit courtside and keep time of the netball games; and also keep track of all points scored.  Attention to detail is critical.

b.   Merchandise: We are looking for individuals who would like to be a part of our merchandise stand.  Selling t-shirts, netballs, equipment, drinks.  We are also looking for individuals that would like to help set up and break down the merchandise area/tables prior to and after the event i.e. Friday morning and Sunday afternoon.

c.     Set up and break down crew: We are looking for those who are interesting in helping to set up the netball courts, posts and other equipment.

d.    General  crew: We are looking for those who are interesting in helping maintain the tournament’s overall operations.  This could entail running paperwork from the courts to the Scorer’s main table, running errands onsite for the Tournament Director, filling up water stations, ball girls/boys and assisting the Head Umpire.

d.    Concierge:  Assist the Organization committee and provide concierge services to the teams i.e. information about the local area, attractions, restaurants, taxis etc.

Come and volunteer.  Join the fun!

Photo courtesy of netballamerica.com.