Kenner, LA. – On Tuesday, April 26 at 8:30 a.m., Mayor Ben Zahn ordered a code sweep conducted by
Kenner’s Code Enforcement Department at the Pavilion Shopping Center, 1000 W. Esplanade, in District 4,
Councilman Lenny Cline’s area.

Inspectors discovered a total of 88 code violations, ranging from unsafe electrical conditions, trash, evidence
of rodents and building maintenance and repair/demolition issues. These conditions were noted after
examining the exterior of the 19 vacant rental units of the Pavilion and spelled out in citations.

“This center is in deplorable condition, and these conditions violate a number of Kenner laws,” Zahn said.
“More importantly, this will not be tolerated by my office or Councilman Cline.”

Code officials met with the shopping center property manager on Wednesday, who was issued a court
summons by Code Director Rick Walther. The property manager was informed that he must appear in court
on May 12 at 12:30 p.m. and must either repair or demolish the property.

“These types of structures and violations will not be tolerated in the city of Kenner,” Zahn said. “Rest
assured that my office and our Code Department will continue to monitor with consistent code sweeps in an
ongoing effort to rid our city of any landlords or property owners who continue to violate our laws.”

Councilman Cline said the conditions are serious and simply cannot be tolerated in the city.

“After seeing the numerous and significant violations that this property has, the city plans to take immediate
action to work with the owner and manager to remedy all violations,” Cline said. “I look forward to continue
working with the mayor, his administration and our Code Enforcement Department to make sure this
property is brought up to good standards that all businesses must meet and are spelled out in the City of
Kenner Code of Ordinances.”


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